What Is The Rate Of GST In Railway Ticket?

What is GST details in Irctc?


From July 1st onwards, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will replace service tax including cess on railway tickets, Railway announced through a circular.

The detailed procedure for implementation of GST on transportation of passengers by rail is following..

Can we charge GST on transportation?

Answer: The tax should be charged on the total value of supply. If the transportation cost is included, then GST has to be charged at the same rate of tax charged on supply. For example: If the goods being supplied is charged at 18%, then you have to charge tax on transport cost also at 18%.

Are convenience fees refundable?

A: The convenience fee is non-refundable, even if the payment to which it relates is canceled, refunded, credited, or charged back. Q: If I use a debit card as a credit card, will I be charged a convenience fee?

Are train tickets taxed?

No – train tickets are zero-rated for VAT so you can’t claim anything back.

Which payment gateway is best for Irctc?

The payment gateway options available at irctc website are pretty good and one of them is HDFC payment gateway for credit card purchases. Alternativel, you can opt to use e-wallet facility of IRCTC.

What is GST rate on transportation?

11, (i) Services of goods transport agency (GTA) in relation to transportation of goods (including used household goods for personal use) (Heading 9965 &9967 respectively) attracts GST @2.5% or 6% CGST. Identical rate would be applicable for SGST also, taking the effective rate to 5% or 12%.

Is GST payable on train fares?

The fare calculated by your digital platform is the full fare, which includes goods and services tax (GST). the GST payable is $5 (1/11th of the fare) …

How much is GST on a bus?

Passengers, who book tickets online will, however, pay 3% more as service tax of 15% will be replaced by GST at 18%.

How is RCM treated in GST?

In the normal system, the recipient of goods will pay the value of the goods & relevant taxes on it to the supplier who then pays the GST to the Government. Under Reverse Charge, the recipient pays to the supplier an amount exclusive of GST, the recipient then pays the GST directly to the Government.

What is Irctc convenience fee?

IRCTC, the online ticketing arm of the Indian Railways, levies a convenience fee of ₹15 per passenger for a sleeper class ticket and ₹30 for an AC ticket. The convenience fee is reduced to ₹10 for sleeper class and ₹20 for AC if the transaction is made through the BHIM UPI app.

How can I avoid charges in Irctc?

If you book a ticket of ₹100 or above from the reserved counter at railway stations, you can get a maximum discount of ₹50. The offer is valid till June 12, 2020. The convenience fee on online tickets bought through IRCTC was also waived three years ago to promote digital transactions.

Is GST charged on cartage?

GST is then applied to the total which includes freight. … Unlike international transport, domestic freight costs are usually subject to GST.

Why is convenience fee charged?

Convenience fees are charged by businesses to cover the cost they pay to payment processing companies for when a customer pays by credit card. A convenience fee is different to a surcharge, which is a charge simply for just using a credit card. Surcharges are illegal in some states.

What is the best time to book train tickets?

Most of the people book tickets on 1-2 days before the holidays. So always avoid to book tickets on Friday’s and Saturday’s of the week days. If you feel that you want to go well before then plan booking on 4-5 days before so that you can book it on Monday’s to Thursdays.

What is Gstin flight booking?

GSTIN is issued to entities that are registered under the new tax regime. “It is now mandatory for guests travelling for business to add their company’s GST details at the time of booking. … The GST rate on the first-class and higher class tickets is 12 per cent while the rate is five per cent on economy class tickets.

What is the rate of GST in Irctc?

With the implementation of GST, end consumers now pay 5% in GST on the full ticket price, up from 4.5% of service tax. However, any passenger that makes use of the Indian railways to travel for business purposes can file input tax credit (ITC) claims on ticket prices.

What is the GST on railway tickets?

NEW DELHI: With the Goods and Services Tax (GST) coming into effect from tomorrow, rail passengers will have to pay a little more to travel AC and first class. Service tax on AC ticket charges will be hiked from 4.5 per cent to 5 per cent, an increase of 0.5 per cent, after the GST implementation.

How is convenience fee calculated in Irctc?

The convenience fee will be ₹10 per ticket for non-AC classes. For AC classes, the service charge will be ₹20 per ticket if you book thorough any UPI or BHIM apps. Earlier, Indian Railways used to levy a service charge of ₹20 on every non-AC e-ticket and ₹40 for every AC ticket.

Can we take GST input on purchase of mobile phone?

Yes. The mobile phones/ laptops would be covered under the definition of ‘inputs’ as they are used in the course/ furtherance of business and hence, the input tax paid on such goods will be available as input tax credit.

Which wallet is best for Irctc?

Like other e-wallets — Paytm and Mobikwik — IRCTC e-wallet allows its users to deposit money in advance with IRCTC, which can be used as a payment option while booking train tickets. This e-wallet facility of IRCTC will help you save time by eliminating payment approval cycle, IRCTC said on its website.