What Is Silver Revolution In Biology?

What is white silver and green revolution?

Green Revolution – A significant increase in agricultural productivity resulting from the introduction of high-yield varieties of grains, the use of pesticides, and improved management techniques.

White Revolution – A significant increase in the production of milk..

Who is this man connected to the silver revolution in India?

Indira GandhiListFieldPersonEpithetMedicineDurgesh Patelfather of Pink Revolution in India.Agriculture / HoricutureIndira Gandhifather of Silver Revolution .AgricultureNirpakh Tutajfather of Gold Revolution.Agriculture / HoricutureSam Pitrodafather of Yellow Revolution .23 more rows

What is brown revolution?

In a nutshell, the Brown Revolution consists of sequestering massive amounts of carbon by bringing holistic management to the world’s arid grasslands. “It has to be done on a freaking massive scale,” Howell says, “so it’s going to require huge flows of capital to make it work.

What is difference between Green Revolution and White Revolution?

The Green Revolution is the programme started in India and other developing countries to increase the production of wheat and rice and become self-sufficient. On the other hand, White Revolution or Operation Flood is an association with the objective of increasing milk production in India.

What is white revolution class 8?

The white revolution involved the operation flood that enhanced the production of milk and also resulted in the increased animal input that went into the dairy industry. The White revolution saw a huge increase in the productivity of the dairy industry.

What is the silver revolution?

The silver revolution refers to the period in which the production of eggs was tremendously increased, it was done by the help of Govt. policies, private sector companies like venkys , Suguna , Veterinarians / scientist engaged in poultry profession & innovative poultry farmers poultry sector people of India.

What is yellow revolution in biology?

Yellow revolution refers to increased oil production. The growth, development and adoption of new varieties of oilseeds and complementary technologies greatly increased the oilseeds production and brought about the Yellow Revolution. Golden revolution refers to increased pulse production.

What is the GREY revolution?

Grey Revolution is associated with Wool. It is to increase the production of wool. it is post of green revolution. Green revolution is associated with the greenery and post of this, Grey revolution came.

Who started Silver Revolution?

Indira GandhiSilver revolution was started in 1969-1978 when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister. Explanation: It refers to a period of enormous production of eggs with the help of medical sciences.