Quick Answer: Should Supreme Court Be Capitalized?

Explanation: “Court” or “supreme court” is only capitalized in the ELD when referring to the Supreme Court of the United States, when you are stating the full name of the court to which you are referring, when “court” happens to be the first word of a sentence, or when the words are in a heading or title of a paper.

Is the Supreme Court a proper noun?

Yes. The Supreme Court is capitalized because it is a proper noun referring to a governmental judicial body that oversees the law of the land. However, when referring to generic supreme courts, such as in this sentence, you do not need to capitalize it.

Is Supreme Court capitalized AP style?

AP Style Supreme Court of the United States. Capitalize “U.S. Supreme Court” and also “the Supreme Court” when the context makes the U.S. designation unnecessary.

Is the word judicial branch capitalized?

As with any government sector, the US judicial system is ruled by specific nomenclature that distinguishes one type of court from another, as well as other points of style: (Though court is usually lowercased in generic usage, the word is often capitalized in reference to the highest court in the land.)

Is you supposed to be capitalized?

Capitalized pronouns in English, besides “I”, are invariably used to refer to some higher power, most often the God of the Judeo-Christian faiths. The only other proper usage of capitalization of pronouns is in titles. I definitely would not capitalize “you” just to show politeness or respect.