Question: Is It Rude To Use All Caps In An Email?

Whether composing an email, a text, or an instant message, it’s usually best to use sentence capitalization, which means don’t use all caps.

The reason is that, when you write in all capital letters, recipients interpret it as the equivalent of shouting.

What does all caps in an email mean?

In typography, all caps (short for “all capitals”) refers to text or a font in which all letters are capital letters, for example: Text in All Caps. Short strings of words in capital letters appear bolder and “louder” than mixed case, and this is sometimes referred to as “screaming” or “shouting”.

Why should you avoid using all caps in an email?

It Is More Difficult to Read a Word in All Caps

It makes it more difficult to communicate a word when it is in all caps; It does not make it easier. This is the case for two main reasons. Capital letters look more similar than lower case letters. They all have the same relative height.

Does caps in email addresses matter?

Email & Messaging

Usually, it does not matter how you type an email address — in all uppercase (ME@EXAMPLE.COM), all lower case ( or mixed case ( Generally speaking, the message will arrive in either case. There is no guarantee for this behavior, however.

Is using all capital letters rude?

WRITING ENTIRELY IN BLOCK CAPITALS IS SHOUTING, and it’s rude. We’ve all done it: left the Caps Lock on while typing. But in email etiquette, online chats and/or forum posts, writing in capitals is the online equivalent of shouting. It’s rude, so best not to do it unless you really do want to shout at someone.