How Do You Spell Website Correctly?

The AP had always said the proper term was two words, Web site, with the letter W capitalized.

While this was accepted among journalists, the single-word, lowercase website had become the standard spelling for many online and print publications.

Is web site one word or two words?

Is web site two words? The term web site is an alternative form of website. It means the same thing as its single-word counterpart, and, up until recently, it was used almost often as website. Some writers and style guides capitalize both forms, as well, forming Website and Web site.

Is website one word or two AP style?

The AP says to spell it out in lowercase on the first reference; abbreviate it as VR on the second reference. website: A location on the World Wide Web that maintains one or more pages at a specific address. The AP Stylebook “website” entry was amended in April 2010 to specify website (one word).3 Mar 2014

Do you capitalize the word website?

The word “Web” comes from the phrase “World Wide Web.” Both “World Wide Web” and “Internet” are currently considered proper nouns and should be capitalized.8 Apr 2010

Is website a compound word?

1 Answer. English tends to build new compound nouns by simply writing them as separate words with a blank. Once the compound is established (and the original parts somewhat “forgotten”), it’s often written as one word or hyphenated. Website is not a proper noun (as opposed to the Internet), hence not capitalized.8 Jul 2015