How Can I Reduce My Online Presence?

Here are several ways to effectively delete yourself from the Internet.

  • Delete your online accounts. You probably have more online accounts than you realize – most of us do.
  • Remove yourself from data broker sites. You’ll probably find this creepy.
  • Shut down your email accounts. This is a very big step.
  • Use a VPN.

Can you erase your digital footprint?

You may never be able to completely erase your digital footprint, since so much is already out there about pretty much everyone. However, there are ways for you to reduce the amount of info out there about you, and in some cases, remove yourself from certain databases.

How can I remove my personal information from Google?

Removing Content That Is Located On A Site You Don’t Own

  1. Access Google’s public removal tool.
  2. Choose “New removal request”
  3. Enter the URL of the page you’d like removed from Google.
  4. Then do one of the following:

How do I remove information from MyLife?

You then have two options for removing your profile completely:

  • Remove your profile by phone. Call MyLife customer support at 1-888-704-1900 and tell them that you’d like to delete your profile(s). Have the following information handy: Name.
  • Remove your profile via email. Send a note to For example:

How do I remove my personal information from FastPeopleSearch?

How to remove your information from

  1. Go all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Privacy’.
  2. Scroll down this page until the ‘IV.Choice and opt out’ section.
  3. Click the box, tick reCAPTCHA, click on the ‘Begin removal process’ button.
  4. Enter your first and last name, city and state.

How do you keep a positive digital footprint?

Having a positive digital footprint

  • Think before sharing. It’s not new advice, but thinking carefully before sending or posting is one of the most important parts of looking after your digital footprint.
  • Use the right settings.
  • Get involved.
  • Stay on top of things.
  • Delete old accounts.
  • Stay careful.

How do I keep my home address private?

Be stingy with giving out your address. Don’t just give out your home address when asked in an online form or on some customer rewards card application.

Here are the Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Home Address Private.

  1. Set Up A Trust.
  2. New Mexico LLC.
  3. Rent.
  4. Ghost Address.
  5. Get an RV.

How do I remove my home address from Google?

Log in to Google’s Webmaster Tools site and click the “URL Removal” link. Enter the URL that you wish to have removed from Google’s search results and then submit your URL removal request. Note that URLs will only be removed under certain conditions.

How do I remove my information from Google search?

To delete activity, next to the search bar, select More .

  • To delete certain items: Choose Select. Choose the items you want to delete. At the top right, select Delete .
  • To delete all items: Select Delete results.

What is a reputation score on MyLife?

MyLife uses all this information to compile a “Reputation Score,” which the company bills as “similar to your credit score.” The company claims your Reputation Score is calculated using a proprietary algorithm that incorporates details in your Background Report and reviews written by people who know you.

How does MyLife know who is searching for me?

With a free membership, you will be able to view basic information about the people searching for you, such as gender, age range and approximate location. With a premium Who’s Searching for You® subscription you can see their detailed profile and make contact with them. results will appear first.

What is a bad reputation score?

With, a “good” reputation score would be anything over 600 (on a scale that goes from 0 to 1,000). A typical industry standard reputation score is around 525, and while it’s better than a bad reputation, it’s not going to do much to make a business stand out from its competitors.