Does Playing Video Games Make You Smarter?

There is a silver lining however, as new research shows that playing video games makes you smarter.

According to a new study published in Nature, playing action video games can potentially increase gray matter volume in the brain.

Does playing video games affect your intelligence?

Researchers have discovered a link between young people’s ability to perform well at two games like League of Legends and Call of Duty and high levels of intelligence. Studies conducted at the Digital Creativity Labs (DC Labs) at York University found that some action strategy video games can act similar to IQ tests.

Does playing video games help your brain?

In layman’s terms, playing video games directly affects and impacts regions of the brain responsible for memory, spatial orientation, information organizations, and fine motor skills. The study also reinforces the claim that, like exercise, playing games for as little as 30 minutes a day, can improve your life.

Do gamers have higher IQ?

The researchers confirmed their findings by comparing people’s gaming skill levels with their IQ scores. They revealed that the better people were at playing, the higher their IQ. Other games—The Sims or Wii sports Hello Kitty Island Adventure—do not make you smarter.

Are there any benefits to playing video games?

Just as physical exercise helps in improving and strengthening your muscles, cognitive games help to indulge one’s brain in constant stimulation, thus improving the brain’s performance. The following are some of the cognitive benefits of playing video games.