Quick Answer: Does Capital Or Small Letters Matter In Email Addresses?

The correct answer is — drumroll, please — “Capital letters don’t matter.

Big letters or little letters, they’re all the same when it comes to email addresses.”

Do capital letters matter in email addresses?

Short answer: No!

If you happen to capitalize your email address, or your autocorrect simply messes up, fear not. Unlike passwords, email addresses are not case sensitive. Whether or not you add capitals, your email server will read it the same way as long as the numbers and letters match your official email address.

Are email addresses case sensitive 2018?

Are e-mail addresses case-sensitive? Yes, according to RFC 2821, the local mailbox (the portion before @) is considered case-sensitive. However, e-mail addresses are not usually case-sensitive because of the difficulties and confusion it would cause between users, the server, and the administrator.

Are iCloud email addresses case sensitive?

Email addresses are not case sensitive (as an email address not sure about when used as an Apple ID). So you could give out your email address with the caps and it would still get to you.