Do You Save Money With Amazon Pantry?

Usually once a month, Amazon offers free shipping on their Prime Pantry box if you buy five selected items.

This will automatically save you $5.99 on your order.

Is Amazon Prime Pantry a good deal?

Prime Pantry also offers coupons, which appear right under the product. If you find that Prime Pantry is actually cheaper for some of the items you buy, think about planning purchases through Prime Pantry to save some money. Just remember the box costs $5.99 to ship. And the service is only for Prime members.

Is Amazon pantry free for Prime members?

You can place a Prime Pantry order on the Prime Pantry Store or by using the free Amazon app. Prime members can pay an additional Prime Pantry membership fee of $4.99/month to receive FREE shipping on all Prime Pantry orders of $10 or more.

Why is there a prime pantry delivery fee?

Prime members who want to place a single order instead of paying a monthly fee can pay a flat shipping fee of $5.99 on orders under $35 and receive free shipping on orders $35 and above. For more details about Prime Pantry, including Prime Pantry delivery costs, please visit our main Prime Pantry page.

How does Amazon’s Prime Pantry work?

In a nutshell, Amazon Prime Pantry enables Amazon Prime members to shop for popular household essentials (like food and snacks, soda, shampoo, laundry detergent, diapers, pet food, toilet paper, etc.) in everyday single sizes (no bulk or multiples required) and have it delivered to their door for a set shipping price.