Do You Capitalize Diabetes?

Returning to capitalization, most disease names aren’t capitalized.

They are often named based on some hallmark of the condition.

Diabetes, for example, was named because of what happens to people who have the disease.

Are medical conditions capitalized?

Capitalize Medical Terms

The names of medical conditions; diseases; and procedures, tests, and operations are left lowercase. For diseases that include a proper name, such as Alzheimer’s, that word only should be capitalized.

Is CD capitalized in a sentence?

Initialisms and acronyms are always capitalized, but the words they stand for are not necessarily capitalized. A CD is a compact disc, not a “Compact Disc.”

Does cancer have a capital letter?

Never Ever Capitalize “cancer” Ever since reading the book, I have always had the most difficult time writing the word, “cancer.” In his book, Carson said we should never, ever capitalize the word because it was not worthy and did not deserve the honor of being capitalized. He was 100% right.

Is Upper Midwest capitalized?

When it is a direction, it is not capitalized unless it is used as part of a proper name. Middle America is a proper name, thus both words are capitalized. The middle of America would not be capitalized. Midwest is definetly a proper noun.