Question: Do You Always Capitalize Chinese?

Use capitals for proper nouns.

In other words, capitalize the names of people, specific places, and things.

For example: The word “country” would not normally be capitalized, but we would have to write China with a capital “C” because it is the name of a specific country.

Do you capitalize Chinese restaurant?

You’re correct that if it’s a specific place, then “armory” would be capitalized. However, if it’s generic place or description, then it would not be capitalized. Similar to saying “Let’s go to a Chinese restaurant” vs. “Let’s go to the Chinese Restaurant”–assuming the place is named Chinese Restaurant :).

Are languages always capitalized?

You should capitalize the names of countries, nationalities, and languages because they are proper nouns—English nouns that are always capitalized. English is made up of many languages, including Latin, German, and French. My mother is British , and my father is Dutch .

Do we capitalize the word English?

English as a proper noun for the people of England, or the language which bears its name, should always be capitalized. It is a proper noun, after all. In the phrase, the English language we have two nouns, with one functioning like an adjective to refine the meaning of the final noun in the group.