Quick Answer: Can You Use PO Box On W2?

They say the IRS requires a legal address for a W-2 and that a PO Box can’t suffice.

The employer is incorrect in telling you that a PO box is not acceptable on a W-2 form.

Does IRS accept PO Box address?

A post office box, or P.O. Box, is acceptable to use as your permanent address on your return if you do not have your mail delivered to your home.

Can you use a PO box on a w4?

On a W-4 for work can you use your P.O. The IRS requires a home address for W-4 and for the tax return, and states that a PO box should only be used in mail is not delivered to your home. However, I have seen taxpayers use a PO box on the W4 and on tax returns with no adverse consequences.

Can you use a PO box on tax return?

box as a mailing address on your tax return is completely acceptable and easy to do, whether you are filling out paper forms, using an electronic filing method or having someone else prepare your taxes for you. Adding your P.O. box is just a matter of filling it in at the appropriate section of the tax return.

What do I put in box 12 on my w2?

The W2 Box 12 codes are:

  • A — Uncollected Social Security or RRTA tax on tips.
  • B — Uncollected Medicare tax on tips.
  • C — Taxable costs of group-term life insurance over $50,000 (included in W-2 boxes 1,3 (up to Social Security wages base), and box 5.
  • D — Elective deferral under a 401(k) cash or arrangement plan.