Can I Deliver Directly To A PO Box?

Only the United States Postal Service® is permitted to deliver mail to (place mail in) a PO Box.

For mailing purposes, PO Boxes are considered a physical location.

Can you take mail directly to a PO box?

Yes, you can send USPS Certified Mail to a P.O. Box in the United States. USPS Certified Mail letters are addressed and delivered to the PO Box with no changes in mailers process. In other words you just address the letter using the PO Box instead of the street delivery address.

How do you send something to a PO box?

Part 1 Addressing a Letter or Package

  • Start the delivery address in the center of the envelope.
  • Write the recipient’s first and last name on the first line.
  • Note the company or organization.
  • Provide the PO Box number.
  • Add the city, state, and postal code to the last line.

Can I get packages to a PO box?

A PO Box can only receive mail delivered through USPS and not other carriers such as FedEx or UPS. You will have to stay on top of your mail to make sure that your PO Box does not overfill. You have to be careful with packages because if a package does not fit in your PO Box it will be set aside by USPS.

Can Amazon ship to a PO box?

Box is Common~Helps Postal Person to have both options. Yes, but as a seller, when the Amazon system sees a PO box in the buyer’s address it defaults to only allowing USPS as a choice for delivery. UPS and Fedex options are gone.

Can you overnight to a PO box?

USPS is the only overnight shipping carrier that is allowed to deliver packages to a P.O. Box address. Other carriers, such as UPS and FedEx, are not able to deliver packages to mailboxes in the Post Office. USPS uses zone-based pricing for Priority Mail Express.

Can you receive mail at both your home address and PO box?

With that, you may certainly have mail addressed to either address. There are no regulations prohibiting mail delivery to both a PO Box and a street address simultaneously provided the street address is serviced by the USPS.

How much does it cost to have a PO box?

Renting a small P.O. box for six months costs as little as $19 in some locations, while in other locations the cost is $75. A full breakdown of the costs in each region is available on the U.S. Postal Service website.

Is a PO box a valid address?

That physical address is generally not used on the address you give to your correspondents. As others have indicated, you simply use the P O Box number as your address. Many, but not all, P O Boxholders use that service because they don’t want to give out their physical address, or it frequently changes.

How long will the post office hold a package PO box?

Alternatively, they can pick up the item at the post office location where it is being held. Most packages are held for 15 days. If the addressee does not claim the package at the end of this period, then the package is returned to the sender.

What Cannot be delivered to a PO box?

Not All Mail Can Be Delivered

With a PO box, mail delivery options are restricted. For example, UPS only delivers to physical addresses and does not deliver to a PO box. If a USPS carrier attempts to deliver a package and it won’t fit in the PO box, she will retain the package at a post office until you pick it up.

Why won’t UPS deliver to PO boxes?

Larger items are the main business of these couriers, so they deliver larger packages themselves. They can’t deliver to post office boxes without paying USPS postage, so they don’t want to give away their main business. It is best to stick to the policy of not accepting mail to post offices because it costs more.

Can FedEx deliver to PO box?

FedEx Express can ship to a P.O. box in some international destinations, including Puerto Rico, but you are required to provide a valid telephone, fax, or telex number. All other FedEx services do not deliver to PO Boxes for addresses in the United States.

Why does FedEx not deliver to PO boxes?

FedEx and UPS can’t deliver to PO boxes because the USPS won’t let them.

Can you track a letter to a PO box?

The U.S. Postal Service is the only company that will deliver shipments to post office boxes. With the USPS Online track and confirm tool, you can track shipments sent by your business to a P.O. Other USPS mailing services such as Priority Mail and First Class Mail will only display delivery information.

How much does it cost to overnight something?

Simple letters

A USPS overnight flat rate envelope ships to “most places” for only $17.50 regardless of weight or distance. If you can fit it in the envelope, it’s only $17.50. UPS and FedEx don’t do that, so prices vary depending on what you’re sending.